We connect good people with community and purpose.  During each event, we have three goals:


AWARENESS - There are hundreds of causes that help our city, our neighbors, and our friends; our mission is to bring visibility and accessibility to these causes. 

COMMUNITY - We aim to prove the power of working together with a shared purpose of making a difference. 

SOCIAL IMPACT - We hope the Do Good Bus experience will inspire passengers to keep doing good – at work, at home, and in their community.







We’ve got you. 

You’re amazing, but you’re not an event planner. We do all the planning to make it turn-key for you.

We have a great network of social good volunteer opportunities to experience the powerful impact of giving back.


Not your typical corporate team-building event.

There is natural team-building in working together on the projects at the causes we visit. Working side-by-side, your team will forge lasting, authentic connections. Getting on the Do Good Bus is a great way for your team to work together, do good together, and learn about their community.


A little mystery... a little fun.

We believe surprises are fun, but the mystery is also the first step in creating bonds and good communication... and if you want to have a say in things — we are happy to share the destination with you or work together to pick a cause that best suits your organization.















Merlin ClarkeMerlin Clarke
Co-Founder, Dogeared Jewelry

Merlin Clarke is Co-Founder and “Head of Happenings” at Dogeared, the California-based jewelry brand synonymous with real style and meaningful messages. Merlin and his wife, Marcia Maizel-Clarke, started Dogeared on the sunny beaches of Southern California in 1991. His role and personal mission are to ensure that the company grows while remaining true to a set of core values and new business practices which reflect a socially responsible philosophy that’s built into Dogeared’s DNA.
Merlin spearheaded Dogeared’s initiative to become one of the first Certified B Corporations (B-Corps) – a certification awarded by meeting high standards of social and environmental performance, accountability and transparency. Dogeared received its first certification in 2011.

Gary CraneGary Crane
CFO, Integrated Endoscopy

Gary is best known for his 20 years as co-owner of Duffy Electric Boat Co.  Duffy is the leading brand in electric pleasure boating around the world. He left Duffy in 2004 to pursue new ventures, which included launching LOVE Reusable Bags, currently in the medical products industry.
He’s been long time friends with Marcia and Merlin, who provide the inspiration to give back and blend social responsibility with business. “Stoked to be on board with such an awesome group and cause.”  When not in the office or at board meetings, you will find Gary surfing.

Stephanie MacDougallStephanie MacDougall

Stephanie has a background in corporate development with an emphasis on working with nonprofit companies. She has worked with the Boston Athletic Association for the better part of the last decade and began her work with the American Red Cross while in graduate school. She continues to help the Red Cross create the framework for reporting and analytic processes that help drive the development of various programs. When not working she’s most likely off reading or traveling.

Dwight KnellDwight Knell

Dwight Knell has over 10 years of policy and communications experience with deep expertise at the intersection of politics, media, technology and journalism. He is a current Master of Public Policy candidate at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government. Previously, he acted as Program Lead for the Credibility Coalition, a startup committed to improving information ecosystems and media literacy. In addition, he worked as Lead Producer for various global MisinfoCons, interactive conferences designed to combat misinformation. Dwight has also consulted for the Shorenstein Center on Media, Politics and Public Policy, served as Chief of Staff at Common Sense and organized for the 2008 Obama presidential campaign. He has been a featured speaker at numerous conferences, including SXSW, the international Journalism Festival and Media Party Buenos Aires. Though a world traveler, Dwight is based in Cambridge, MA and spends as much time outdoors as he possibly can. 

Matthew D. ThomasMatthew D. Thomas
Sales Manager, Bemis Associates

Matt has spent the majority of his career in sales management roles after a stint in management consulting. He has specialized in delivering innovative B2B and B2C solutions to niche markets, including, most recently, the outdoor apparel and innovation teams at Patagonia, Adidas, and Columbia. Matt enjoys challenging the norm and thinking creatively to find unique solutions to complex challenges. In his relatively short career, he has gained significant experience working and communicating with indiviuals and teams across many business functions and vertically, from consumers to executives.
Matt escaped from Boston to LA in January 2018, and has been enjoying the year round access to oceans, mountains, and the entreprenuerial spirit of Southern California.