• What's the time commitment?

    Typically, our rides are 5 hours from pick up to drop off and are usually from 10am – 3pm. However, the time can be adjusted to fit your needs.

  • What are the categories?

    Each ride has a category to give you an idea of what to expect.

    Working with and/or for the environment. Working with your hands to build, paint, garden, city clean ups, etc.

    Working for a cause benefiting people in general. Soup kitchen, shelters, children, etc. 

    Ya know, helping the four-legged types. Dogs, cats, rabbits, horses, etc.

  • Are there age requirements to ride the bus?

    The DGB experience is all ages, but sometimes the causes we visit will have age requirements.  For our public rides, we always post what the age requirements are (if any).  Depending on the cause, sometimes a signed waiver from a parent will also work.

  • What should I wear?

    We're low key!  BE YOU.  We always suggest bringing layers and wearing closed-toed shoes. If your group has your own swag and everyone wants to gear up, do that!

  • What should I bring?

    You won’t need much.  Any personal items you do bring can be left on the bus and will be secure with one of our staff members. 

  • Why are the locations a secret?  Can you give me a hint?

    Maybe a small one.

    Everyone likes a little mystery, right?

    For our Community Rides, we keep our rides a secret to add an element of fun, but also to avoid any pre-conceived ideas or opinions about the causes we visit.  This allows volunteers to show up with an open mind ready to help.

    For our Corporate and Custom Rides, we try to stick to this model, but it’s not a requirement.  We’re happy to work with you to find the right type of cause for your group and you can keep it a secret from your guests.  That is, if you can keep a secret.

  • Does the cost of the ticket include a donation to the cause we visit?

    Yes! A percentage of your individual ticket and/or flat fee cost goes directly to the cause you visit with the bus.  Do Good Bus is also a 501(c)3 non-profit organization and the fee you pay is a donation.

  • Does volunteering with Do Good Bus qualify for student required volunteer hours?

    Yes!  We are more than happy to sign off on volunteer hours for any school/work requirements.

  • What's the history of the Do Good Bus?  Who's the Founder?

    rebecca Do Good BusThe idea for the DGB was created in 2011 by Rebecca (PontiusReeder.  She wanted to do something more that celebrate her birthday at bar or restaurant so she rented a van and and invited her friends to do some guerrilla gardening.  It was so much fun other friends borrowed the same concept for their birthdays and the Do Good Bus concept was born! In 2015, we became official as a registered social enterprise and granted non-profit status.  Rebecca’s life got BIG, and she decided to start a family! With that amazing responsibility being paramount, she asked Merlin from Dogeared Jewelry, a founding Board Member and original sponsor of the DGB, to take over the operations.  Since January 2018, Dogeared has been the operator of the DGB. The Official Do Good Bus is a 1976 Crown that has been restored and retrofitted to encourage conversation in a unique, engaged experience. The Discuss Bus is in the works. More about that later..