The Feast

Do Good Bus partnered with The Feast Conference in New York City to help participants with the Learning Challenge.  The Feast has been committed to fostering a community of innovators who are revolutionizing their industries and striving for social impact.  For this year’s conference, participants worked through three different challenges: Learning, Health and Veterans.  The first day of the conference was filled with amazing and inspiring speakers from all three categories.  Two of our favorites were Anne Mahlum, Founder & CEO of Back On My Feet and an artist named Callie Curry.  We HIGHLY recommend checking both of these ladies out.

On day two, Do Good Bus took about 20 participants interested in tackling the Learning Challenge to DreamYard Preparatory School in The Bronx to work directly with students facing challenges many schools across the US are facing.  In addition to open discussions about challenges schools and students are facing, volunteers worked with the students to help bring over 30 computers up to date — a MUCH needed task for a teacher with barely enough time to run the restroom, much less fix computers.

We also had a surprise visit from a couple of our friends from Foster The People.  Both Mark Pontius and Mark Foster worked with us at the school and participated in discussions on the way home about coming up with solutions to the challenges we learned about.


Our fearless leader and DreamYard teacher, Rudy (pictured above) reached out to us recently to say:

“The whole time, I just kept feeling a sense of gratitude that I cannot even describe. To see my Technology students and my advisory students for the first time in the history of our school undertaking such a wonderful technological initiative and be fully engaged was amazing.”

It couldn’t have been a better day.  We’re honored to add DreamYard to one of our many causes to re-visit!

This ride also started our partnership with TeamBonding and we’re excited to have many more Do Good Bus by TeamBonding rides!