The Argonaut: Volunteerism on Wheels

The Do Good Bus is just as it sounds — a party bus for helping others

By Shanee Edwards

File this under: “Why didn’t I think of that?”

Thanks to her mother, Rebecca Pontius grew up doing a lot of volunteer work — so seizing opportunities to lend a helping hand was always part of her consciousness.

For her 30th birthday, Pontius found herself on a packed party bus and noticed how all her various friend groups started to bond with each other in such tight quarters.

Then the lightbulb of an idea went on: Why not create a party bus that gives back to the community?

From that night of celebration, the Do Good Bus was born.

“The first ride was sort of a one-off — just for our friends — but then people asked when the next one would be, so we decided to organize one a month,” Pontius said.

Now the Do Good Bus is doing monthly community rides open to anybody who shows up as well as corporate events and private parties — birthday parties included.

For community rides, which take off from the Culver City Expo Line parking lot on West Washington Boulevard, the destination remains secret until…

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