It was a really superior experience all around, we bonded over good deeds! It was so nice to look outside ourselves and do good in the community, and it helped that the Do Good Bus organizers were adorable and well versed and guided us well. A great big thank you to all!

–Lorraine, doGOODer


Love the concept of making community service such a rewarding AND fun experience. Cant wait to do another with my organization!

–Jamila Veasley, Kaiser Permanente


I didn’t expect to learn as much as I did from the experts who had planned this. It was as much a fascinating education as it was a deeply fulfilling experience. I was so proud of what we had accomplished I bought my wife back the next day just to show her! If you’ve never volunteered for anything before, this is the best way to start.

–Tony, doGOODer


The best thing about the surprise element of The Do Good Bus is that you have no time to talk yourself into being afraid of the task at hand. The trip I did visited people in an assisted living home. I am terrified of such places. If I’d had time to think about it, I might have worried about saying the wrong thing or letting my fear of such places show. As it was, we–the riders and the residents–had a great time together. Do Good Bus takes the thinking out of it so you get to be spontaneous.

–Bonnie, doGOODer


What better way to celebrate than to participate in a Do Good Bus experience! Celebrating our daughter’s graduation with family and friends, while providing a community service, was win-win for all! Rebecca and her staff are amazing!

— Debbie & Scott, doGOODer


I want to thank the Do Good volunteers for their support in helping Dolores Huerta Elementary School in Lennox to build our garden. The students, parents and my staff are very excited about this space and are looking forward to the many activities and the many wonderful possibilities that this garden will provide for our community.

— Maria Castellanos, Huerta School Principal


It was a very rewarding experience. Some of us started the day as mere acquaintances, but finished the day as a community, not only with ourselves but with the people we helped.

— Greg, doGOODer


The Do Good Bus is a great way to better get to know people, have fun and do great deeds in the world. I would highly recommend it not just for businesses but for private parties or even a way to meet in-laws before a wedding. I thought it was such a great idea and well executed.

Anonymous doGOODer


Words cannot express the overwhelming joy and gratitude that Good Seed staff and clients feel about the group gardening project that took place at our Los Angeles Drop-In Center this past Friday!  You all came full of energy and ready to work! It was such a great team effort.  The transformation is stunning! Clients and guest have been commenting on how lovely our garden is and we brag about the amazing work that Good Seed and Fifth Wall did every change we get.

From relocating plants, to digging holes, to sourcing plants and trees, to creating a paved walkway; the team did it all, and had fun while doing it! We are so appreciative.  The garden adds an element of happiness and peace; you can’t help but smile when you walk past, and that makes all the difference!

We couldn’t have done it without the Do Good Bus and Fifth Wall.  Our hearts are glad and filled with gratitude. Thank you for your time and hard work.  Thank you for showing up and for going above and beyond.

— Jessica Crawford, Good Seed CDC


…so your Do Good Bus did good for me and I now to the LKR organization! You are doing wonderful work and you personally are an inspiration.

–Mohan Chhabra, doGOODer

[On a Do Good Bus Community ride, Mohan made a long-lasting connection and in turn became one of the founding members of the LA Council for Little Kids Rock. Read her story here.]