We Are Official!

It was a daunting process, but we did it!  Do Good Bus is officially a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Next time you’re on the bus, give our staff a high five. Since we can accept donations now, you should… Read More

Splendid + EnrichLA

The Do Good Bus cruised into Downtown LA on Friday morning to pick up a group of 40+ employees from Splendid and headed to El Serano Middle School to help EnrichLA maintain one of their gardens.

How does Do Good Bus #CONNECT you?

We’re competing in the #LA2050 Grant Challenge and have an opportunity to win $100K. Winning would allow us to offer some rides for FREE and also host Do Good Bus Field Trips for high school students. If you’ve… Read More


It was a really superior experience all around, we bonded over good deeds! It was so nice to look outside ourselves and do good in the community, and it helped that the Do Good Bus organizers were adorable… Read More

Conscious Magazine

Do Good Bus co-founder, Rebecca Pontius, was asked to write about Los Angeles in Conscious Magazine’s feature on Creating A Culture of Change.  The feature on Los Angeles was included in other features on Detroit, Boulder, San Francisco, Chicago,… Read More

Doing Good at Disneyland

Do Good Bus partnered with Together We Rise to take 60 foster kids to Disneyland.  The event was to celebrate the 25th birthday of Together We Rise founder, Danny Mendoza.  What a great way to spend your birthday!… Read More

Public Service Announcement: Meet Do Good Bus Volunteer Steve McIlroy

So proud of one of our rockstar doGOODers who was featured in this LA Magazine article. Name: Steve McIlroy Age: 32 Organization of choice:
Do Good Bus, a program that provides transportation to mystery destinations where volunteers work on a project for… Read More

Ideamensch: How We Brought Life to the Do Good Bus

Do Good Bus’s Executive Director spoke at an Ideamensch event about Bringing Ideas to Life. The video tells the story of how we started the Do Good Bus and what it took to get it on the road…. Read More

Getting Inspired

We wanted to explain our new obsession with the little acronym: SUV.  I imagine most of you know what it normally stands for, but in Salt Lake City it’s much more than a vehicle. Like the Do Good… Read More