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The Do Good Bus: Volunteering to Hop Aboard and Help Others

by Dave Soref

Despite our best intentions, volunteering for a good cause is something we often put on a back burner simply because we don’t know where to start or are afraid of making too big a commitment too soon.

Well, what if volunteering meant hopping on a bus with a group of good-natured comrades and heading out together to do good at a prearranged destination? The Do Good Bus in Los Angeles is doing just that. This organization on four wheels is making volunteering fun and easy by creating instant community and taking the guesswork out of donating time to a good cause.

It’s of little surprise that Do Good Bus cofounder Rebecca Pontius discovered the inspiration for this new take on charity while having fun herself. “I decided to have a birthday party where we surprised all the guests, instead of the other way around,” she tells Organic Connections. “We had them show up with no idea what was going to happen or where they would be going, and…read entire article