Occupy Sandy – Staten Island

Winter Road Trip 2013 | New York City

Despite waking up to snow flurries, we loaded up the bus and headed to Staten Island on Saturday to work with Occupy Sandy.

Our volunteers helped move people out of their homes, cleaned out a new community center to be used for Occupy staff and reached out to affected home owners to find out who still needed help.  For most of our trips, we have limited interaction with the people who are actually benefiting from our work.  For example, we don’t typically get to meet someone who received the food we sorted at a food bank or meet the community members who will benefit from a garden we planted.  However, on Saturday, our volunteers had one-on-one interaction with people who survived the storm and are now dealing with the aftermath.

This was such a welcomed addition to our work and is what Do Good Bus is all about – connecting and creating community.

One of the lead volunteers working from Occupy mentioned, “this isn’t charity work, it’s mutual aid.” – a concept that basically means neighbors helping neighbors with a mutual benefit.  We’re excited about this concept, and encourage you to read more about it.

If you’d like to get involved with Occupy Sandy, there’s still so much to be done throughout New York and New Jersey – visit Occupy Sandy for more info.  Also, if you know someone affected by the storm on Staten Island, here is a great list of resources for Staten Island residents to find the help they need.

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