Music for Relief and Social Justice Learning Institute


We’ve seen a lot of the Social Justice Learning Institute lately.  And it’s been great!  On Saturday, we partnered with Music for Relief to continue SJLI’s 100 Seeds of Change initiative.  We filled the bus with over 30 Music for Relief volunteers, played a mean game of Pictionary and then got to work.  Together, we installed 10 home gardens across Inglewood which puts the community 10 steps closer to moving out of their food desert classification.

It was inspiring to work closely with Inglewood families who are committed to making healthy choices for their families as well as helping their community.  By having an SJLI sponsored garden in their backyard, these families will donate part of their harvest back to SJLI to be sold in the first ever Inglewood Farmer’s Market.  Not only are they changing the future of their family and friends, they are contributing to a healthier, more connected Inglewood community.

What’s most inspiring about this project is SJLI and the Inglewood community found a need in their neighborhoods and are taking initiative to make the change on their own by taking responsibility for their community.

Looking forward to continuing our work with SJLI and their 100 Seeds of Change initiative.

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illustration by Brian Andreas