To celebrate #GivingTuesday, we took a handful of doGOODers to Locke High School (a school we know well now) to help Mrs. Rowley’s class with an upcoming essay contest.  Our doGOODers partnered with students one-on-one to read and give feedback on the draft essays that would eventually be submitted for the Scholastic Arts & Writing Awards.


For most of our rides, doGOODers spend their day giving back but don’t always get to see the extended results of the work they’ve done.  For this ride, doGOODers got a bonus follow up from Mrs. Rowley on the progress of her students and she basically let us know they kicked butt at the awards!

After meeting Mrs, Rowley, we all know who the real hero is here. She embodies everything an inspirational, over-worked teacher is nowadays. But it’s important to remind our doGOODers even though Mrs. Rowley is committed to each of her students individually and probably spends way more time at school than at home – she is also one person and there are only so many hours in one day.

Because our doGOODers spent a couple of those hours giving their undivided attention to a student – they made a huge difference.

Please read Mrs. Rowley’s note and after you stop smiling, check out how YOU can help at Locke.



So you came to help our students with writing, right? We were down to the wire and didn’t make a book yet (we will, I promise!).  So here’s how it went:

Every year students from Locke submit to the scholastic art and writing awards. This year, 10th graders applied for the first time (I used to apply with my AP kids, older, wiser, etc.).

In past years, I have had a few (2 honorable mentions) and a few (3 in two years) sliver keys with the juniors.

This year an unprecedented 21 students placed, with 19 honorable mentions (nineteen. NINETEEN.) and 2 silver keys. All sophomores. I love the Do Good Bus. Love. Love. Love.

They beat out students from across the state and region and their wealthy peers in LA. So proud of our Locke Saints.


Thanks for being a hero and giving our kids a chance to shine,
Kathleen Rowley
NBPTS Certified English Teacher

Alain LeRoy Locke College Preparatory Academy

Helping out at Locke High School

You can help Mrs. Rowley with classroom supplies and other projects by donating directly to Mrs. Rowley’s English Class. Or you can also help by sending over a few bucks to help Green Dot Schools continue to transform public education.

As always, GreenDot & Locke HS would love a little social love to create awareness: