GOOD Overload

Last Thursday we ventured to Marina del Rey for a ride hosted by the folks at GOOD.  We’re huge fans of GOOD and what they represent.  Their team was headed to an event to celebrate Educate 20/20.  We played some silly games on the bus, had a dance party and even brought awareness to some local LA causes.  Our staff had a blast with GOOD team members, but the bonus of the evening was learning more about Educate 20/20 and their goals to change the future of education.

What is Educate 20/20?

The Educate 20/20 Roadtour is changing the narrative about the future of education to a positive and hopeful one. We’re doing that by connecting with innovators who are creating the future of education today and sharing their stories with the world.

Why are we impressed?

First, we share their appreciation of road trips and working on no sleep.  But we also had an opportunity to chat with Educate 20/20 road tripper, Spud Marshall about what they learned on the road and the message they’re trying to spread.  He had so many great things to say, but in talking about how to rethink the structure of classes, this particular model kind of rocked our world:

What if instead of math class, english class and history class – we had “water” class.  Students would focus on WATER and find out mathematically how it can propel energy; then learn about poets who wrote about the ever powerful liquid; and finally learn about floods and tsunamis from our planet’s past.  How cool is that?

We’re such a fan of thinking outside the box.

Learn more about Educate 20/20 here:  Website | Twitter | Facebook