Getting Inspired

We wanted to explain our new obsession with the little acronym: SUV.  I imagine most of you know what it normally stands for, but in Salt Lake City it’s much more than a vehicle.

Like the Do Good Bus it has become a vehicle for doing good and stands for Serve UrVillage.  And also, like the bus, it’s pretty self explanatory. We like that.

We met Karen & Kenneth Roberts in Scottsdale on our first ride with Foster The People last summer – and then we couldn’t get rid of them.  They showed up in other cities and couldn’t wait to give back.  On our last ride, Karen explained she didn’t want it all to end and she’d have to find a way to continue giving back in her own community.

In less than two months, Karen has not only given back in SLC, but has inspired her friends and family to do the same. They just organized their second SUV trip with over 20 people. No small feat. We promise.

Karen may have been inspired by the Do Good Bus and Foster The People, but we are equally as inspired by her.

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