Fantasia Family Music

Who doesn’t want to help bring the Yellow Brick Road to life?

Our DoGOODers helped the Redondo-based non-profit, Fantasia Family Music create set pieces and costumes for their newest production, Wizard of Oz.  Fantasia Family Music is working hard to create quality music education and unique performance opportunities for families, by partnering with the community, businesses and schools to provide workshops, performances, concerts and interactive events for all generations.

This was our first time doing good in the South Bay and there are two moments worth sharing:


Our new intern, Kevin joined us for his first Do Good Bus experience. We like him, we’ll keep him.


About half way through the day, one of our doGOODers stopped to say thank you and mentioned, “I don’t normally do this.”  I smiled and said, “You’re welcome!  What do you mean?  You don’t normally volunteer…or…?”

She explained she doesn’t normally stray out of her comfort zone but she was glad she had this time.  She was grateful for the experience and was surprised how much fun she was having.

We love hearing that.