Did Good!

We received a note this week from a past doGOODer and are so excited  to hear she was inspired by the bus.  One of our goals on the bus is to create COMMUNITY and connections and we love this story about a passenger who did just that.
I wanted to share with you on my personal outcome from the ride I was on…The ride was great and seeing all of the various organizations at the school was inspiring in itself and getting to help a few of them directly was fun and fulfilling. On the ride I met a cool guy (Dave with his 2 cute daughters) who I struck up a conversation with.  I was telling him about my desire and work to-date in finding a music-related non profit that I wanted to put a lot of my passions and resources behind.  He told me about a kids clothing company that he remembered was a sponsor for a music-related non-profit but did not know the name of it.

He gave me the link to the clothing company website. I found out the non profit they support is Little Kids Rock – a very successful organization that helps get music education back into the public schools – exactly what I was looking for.  I started doing research from there, contacted their local program director who I then met with.

In a couple of weeks following that, I was invited to a few of their events, met their founder/executive director and a number of their board members.  Inspired and excited I became.  Fast forward a few more weeks after that, I have now become one of the founding members of their new LA Council for Little Kids Rock and will be helping them further build out the program locally here.

So your Do Good Bus did good for me and I now to the LKR organization!  You are doing wonderful work and you personally are an inspiration.  Perhaps there may be a way LKR in LA could use your Do Good Bus services at some point as I begin my work with them.  Additionally, I look forward to another ride and am telling everyone about you.Continued success and doing good!
Mohan Chhabra