Changing the Future of Los Angeles

We’ve applied for a grant from the Goldhirsh Foundation and NEED YOUR VOTE to help us make Los Angeles a better community.

Head over to MyLA2050 and give us your vote.


You can read our entire application online, but check out the video and some tidbits below:

We currently host monthly community rides to give Los Angelenos an opportunity to learn about local causes, experience giving back and most importantly, connect with other people in their city. Over the past three years, we’ve visited dozens of causes and connected hundreds of volunteers. In order to expand and give more people in Los Angeles an opportunity to participate – we need to buy a bus. With our own bus, our goals are to: double participation, offer one free ride per month and focus on teaching youth the importance of giving back.

In line with the LA2050 report about the direct connection between education and social connectedness, we’ve been working on ideas to engage students via the Do Good Bus. We are committed to teaching our youth the importance of giving back and connecting with their community. In fact, we’ve started hosting FAMILY RIDES to give families access to kid-friendly volunteer activities and teach kids the vocabulary and concepts of giving back. We would love to offer the same experience to students in Los Angeles schools – giving teachers an opportunity to incorporate volunteerism into their curriculums.

The LA2050 report also suggests education levels are directly related to social connectedness levels. While we don’t have the resources to ensure kids make it to their senior year, we think exposing kids to unique experiences on a Do Good Field Trip, will give them a chance to connect with students across neighborhood lines and with a world outside of the classroom. In addition, a Do Good Field Trip would expose students to unique career options (i.e. Non-profit CEO or Do Good Bus tour guide) – potentially giving them new motivation to make it through school.

If Do Good Bus can host multiple rides per month and offer one of them for free, we can give more Los Angelenos an opportunity to help their communities. In one year, over 1,000 people will be newly connected and if we add Do Good Field Trips to that number, we end up with 1,000 newly connected kids as well.

One of our goals on the bus is to encourage continued support and inspire people to do good on a regular basis. For us, that doesn’t always mean returning to the cause we just visited. During a ride, passengers are not only exposed to meaningful causes they are also introduced to what it FEELS like to give back. We encourage them to harness that feeling and search for ways to find it again in their every day lives. We strongly believe that inspiration in people will continue to shape Los Angeles into a more connected place.

In addition to one free ride per month and Do Good Field Trips, owning a bus would give us a unique opportunity to help Los Angeles in a hyper-local capacity. With 24-hour access to a vehicle equipped with supplies and enough seats for 30 willing volunteers, we’d have the capability to coordinate last minute trips to help our neighbors in a time of emergency or disaster relief. This might be the most exciting element of owning our own vehicle.

One ride at a time, Do Good Bus can begin to shape Los Angeles into a more connected city; one with informed and inspired residents who can help one another.