Bringing JOY for 2014

Do Good Bus hosted a Do Good Bus Exclusive ride for New Year’s Eve and we had a blast!  Our theme for the night was JOY and our hope was to bring a little joy wherever we went.  The night included four stops and some fun adventure throughout the evening.  Everyone received a party pack to get started including a fun party hat, official Do Good Bus Giving Key and a Do Good Bus mason jar filled with a yummy adult beverage. photo 19

STOP 1:  A Buenos Aires New Year’s Eve Celebration at City View Villa

We started the evening with a stop at City View Villa, an assisted living facility in Los Angeles, for an early New Year’s Eve celebration.  We danced and mingled with residents and counted down to the New Year in Buenos Aires (since it’s 5 hours before the US).  Our favorite quote from the night was when a do-gooder was asked by one of the residents if we were all actors.  “No, not at all.  That girl swims with sharks, I build planes, she’s a hair stylist, he’s an architect — and the best part is — we all just met tonight!” photo 15 carolynDGB DaraAtVilla We even watched the ball drop: photo 17


STOP 2:  Dinner & Yelling at the Hollywood Bowl Lookout

After the Argentine New Year, we headed to the top of Mulholland Drive for a picnic dinner from Bergamot Cafe and some breathtaking views.  After dinner we leaned over the edge of Los Angeles and screamed our intentions for 2014 into the night sky. photo 3

STOP 3:  Dancing & Flowers

Next stop: Downtown.  We walked through the New Year’s Eve street party and handed out flowers to strangers on our way to La Cita for a little dancing. photo 18 dancing

STOP 4:  Crashing a Hat Party

Since we like to be creative on the bus, we encouraged everyone to make their own hat for our final destination where we’d celebrate moving into 2014.  The party required everyone have a hat, so some of us made our own! photo 20 We were so honored these do-gooders wanted to start their year on the Do Good Bus and we hope all of them (as well as you) bring a little joy into someone’s life this year. Happy New Year!