A’s Altruistic Adventure

We had a great day helping Amanda celebrate being in Los Angeles for 10 years. In honor of her and the city – we made 4 stops in Los Angeles to do good and appreciate where we live!

STOP 1:  Youth Renovation in Compton.

photo 22 photo 25photo 11

Youth Renovation is a Los Angeles County based 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization.  At Youth Renovation, we strongly believe in limiting the number of youth that become involved in street gangs by providing employment opportunities and job skill development through the restoration and redevelopment of dilapidated residences. Our program provides opportunities to kids and participants through a multi-faceted approach to building skills and training individuals for employment in home renovation and real estate fields. After school programs will be project by project as distressed properties are purchased throughout the empowerment zones in Los Angeles. Helping kids stand on their own two legs in our challenging society is our main objective.

STOP 2: Lunch and tour at Watts Towers

photo 12

STOP 3:  Peddler’s Creamery in Downtown LA

We pedal-churned our own dessert!
photo 13

STOP 4: Los Angeles Guerrilla Gardening & tunes

We spruced up one of their gardens in Santa Monica and got serenaded by Kera & the Lesbians on the way!
photo 14 photo 1

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